Feeding and Breeding Habits of Desert Iguanas

Desert Iguanas

Desert iguanas are interesting reptiles. They are very unique compared to green iguanas especially in habitat, physical characteristics, and much more! Keep reading to learn about the feeding and breeding habits of desert iguanas.

Feeding Habits of Desert Iguanas

The desert iguana is, for the most part, a herbivore. This means they receive most of their nutrition from plant based foods as opposed to by eating other animals. Desert iguanas are not picky eaters by any sort of the imagination. Because they live in desert locations where plants and other foods may be scarce at times, they must be willing to eat a wide range of plant-based foods.

These reptiles like to eat from both annual and perennial plants in the desert. They are able to digest most parts of these plants including the buds, leaves, and fruits as well. However, if they have their choice about what to eat, they will consume flowers from the creosote bush.

If no plants are available, desert iguanas are able to eat insects. Because these iguanas are extremely fast runners, they don't have a problem catching a variety of insects! They can even sometimes be found eating the feces of other reptiles!

Breeding Habits of Desert Iguanas

Desert iguanas are reported to mate only once per year. This usually occurs in the early spring. This is well timed so that the young iguanas are born when their primary food source is abundant (a good way to increase survival to adulthood).

Each clutch has up to 8 eggs. The eggs typically hatch in September. Unfortunately, not much more information is known about the mating habits of desert iguanas.

Perhaps in time more will be discovered about the life cycle of desert iguanas. Fortunately, though, at this time they are not an endangered species which shows that their mating habits are working well overall!

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