Build iguana cage - factors to consider

Building an iguana cage is a great way to get a custom designed enclosure for your pet. If done properly, the builder can actually save quite a bit of money over the cost of buying a pre made terrarium or iguana cage from a retailer. If you are going to build iguana cage, though, there are several things that should be considered while you are still in the planning stage.

1 - In nature, iguanas live in trees - they are arboreal. This means they spend their time climbing throughout the canopy in search of fresh leaves and other plants to eat. They are naturally used to a large amount of space to wander in.

In an iguana cage, they should also be able to walk around freely without feeling confined. This means a spacious cage is better than a small, cramped enclosure. There needs to be space for live or artificial branches and plants to replicate their natural habitat.

2 - Air circulation is a must for any iguana cage. If there is not sufficient air flow in the cage, room for a small protected fan should be considered. This will help regulate the temperature and humidity of the cage you will build. Iguana cage designers often use wire screen on the outside to help improve air flow.

3 - An area for a heat pad is vital to the health of your iguana. At night when the heat lamp is turned off, the iguana may cool down quite quickly. To allow it maintain a warmer temperature, most pet iguana owners will use a heat pad that the iguana can lay on.

4 - Electrical outlets should be near the final spot that the iguana cage will be built. There should be enough plugs to provide electricity to the fan (if used), the heating pad, the heating lamp, and any cleaning supplies such as a vaccuum cleaner.

5 - Make sure you have all the tools (and knowledge in their use) needed ahead of time. This should include such tools as a saw, drill, hammer, stapler, measuring tape, and several others.

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